The Kingston College Cadet Unit is privileged to have all their officers (with the exception of female officer Peta- Ann Gray) coming up through the ranks of the Jamaica Combined Cadet force. All the officers were educated at K.C. and are fully cultured in the K.C. spirit and trained as commissioned officers.

Capt.B.A. Miller

The People who know me will tell you that I know for a fact that I have purple blood. Having explained that, it should come as no surprise to see that I am now an officer in the Kingston College Cadet unit. I too came up through the ranks at K.C. At the end of my school days I moved on to the Jamaica Defence Force, where I spent a number of years before leaving the army to take up a civilian profession. It is with great pleasure that when given the opportunity to serve yet again in the Cadet Force, I gave it not a second thought. I know what the Cadet Force has done for me, what it is doing for my son (who is a part of the unit) and what it can do for so many more youngsters across the island, the majority of whom I know that with the right guidance, can make a sterling contribution to the nation.

Lt. Marlon Richards

I joined the Kingston College Cadet Unit in my first year at K.C. Initially I joined the unit because I was captivated by what I had heard ( I did not hear much because I was more caught up looking at their uniforms) from some Cadet NCO's, the very first day I came to K.C. The unit holds a lot of significance to me because it offered me a lot of guidance in my formative years. Now that I'm a teacher at the school, I think me being a cadet officer, gives me the perfect opportunity offer more assistance to the school with the guidance of the youngsters. My primary reason for applying to be an officer in the cadet force , is to try as best I can, to pass on the knowledge I have gained from my experience as a cadet. I also think that I can help them through the difficulties I know that they face on a day to day basis.

2/Lt. Wade Howell

entered the gate of K.C. in 1991 and joined the unit that same year. My primary reason for joining the unit was that I thought it would be a bag of fun (which it was just more controlled than I thought at the time). I spent five (5) years as a cadet and attained the rank of Cpl. before leaving school in 1995. As for the training in the Force, I have had brief stints in the Infantry, Band and the Drums. I think it was largely due to the training I got in the Kingston College Cadet Unit Drum Corps that I was quickly recruited by a civilian marching band, and appointed drum major shortly after.I worked with the unit in an unofficial capacity for two years before applying for a commission.

August 1998 saw me going off to Moneague for Officer’s Training. I was commissioned and assigned to Kingston College in 1999.

2/Lt Peta-Ann Gray

Being the first female officer at this Unit, I have personally benefitted a great deal through various treks, travels and related activities. Because of this I feel I can attempt to pass on some of this knowledge and pride to as much of the next generation of Cadets as possible.

2/Lt. Robert McFarlane

I Became a member of the unit as a recruit, immediately upon being a student at the school and have never left. The OC at the time was then Capt M. Bennett. As a recruit and during my earlier days in the unit I was some what of a trouble maker but still managed to have passed all my training exams, being one of the very rare (at the time) proficiency privates. I subsequently rose to the rank of Drum Sergeant.Upon leaving school my next calling was to be a Commissioned Officer (second Lieutenant) my present rank.

Jermaine Garvey has been a member of the Kingston College Cadet Unit for the past five years and has risen to the highest rank, that of Company Sergeant Major (CSM). It has been quite awhile that the Unit had one.

He is the first and only Cadet in the history of the Unit to have attained the Star 4 and Master Cadet qualification badge since its inception six years ago.

He was one of three Cadets in the island that attended and successfully completed the Master Cadet Course in Trinidad, which makes him one of six Master Cadets in Jamaica.

CSM Garvey is a very devout and active member of his church and has been presented with a number of awards by the school for outstanding contribution to the Cadet Unit and the school community.

He has just completed eight subjects in the CXC Exams and eagerly awaits the results. His ambition is to be a Commissioned Officer in the JDF.